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Mr Thom flew from OR Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg) to Tegel International Airport (Berlin in Germany) to attend the Berlin International Film Festival. He had a stopover in Abu Dhabi.

• Mr Thom's flight from OR Tambo International Airport departed at 12:00.

• He stopped over at Abu Dhabi International Airport (+4) to take a connecting flight to Tegel International Airport (+1).

• The flying time from Johannesburg to Abu Dhabi International Airport was 8 hours.

• Mr Thom arrived in Abu Dhabi at 22:00.

• The stopover (transit) time in Abu Dhabi was 5 hours.

• The flying time from Abu Dhabi to Berlin was 7 hours.

1. a). Calculate at what time in Abu Dhabi Mr Jackson departed from OR Tambo International Airport.

Show ALL calculations.

b). Calculate at what time he departed from Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Show ALL calculations.

c). Calculate at what time Mr Thom arrived at Tegel International Airport in Berlin.

2. Calculate the duration of Mr Thom's entire journey

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  1. a). Time difference/Time in Abu Dhabi
          South Africa +2
         Abu Dhabi +4
        = 2 hours
       12:00 (+) 2 hours
        = 14:00
    22:00 – 8 hours flying time
    = 14:00

    b). Arrival time in Abu Dhabi Transit/layover time: 22:00 5 hours
         Departure from Abu Dhabi International Airport: 22:00 (+) 5 hours = 03:00
    c). Time difference:
          Abu Dhabi +4
         Germany +1
         = 3 hours

    Time in Berlin:
    03:00 (-) 3 hours
    = 00:00

    Flying time:
    00:00 (+) 7 hours
    = 07:00
  2. 8 hours + 5 hours + 7 hours = 20 hours
     20 hours
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