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  1. Advise Mr Thom on TWO safety precautions he should consider when in the hotel.
  2. State TWO consequences for the hotel if guests are not adequately informed on safety and security issues during their stay
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  1. Keep valuables locked away in the safe in the room. 
    Ensure your room door /windows are always locked. 
    • Do not open the door to strangers.
    • Alert the hotel’s reception of anything unusual e.g. exposed wires found around the hotel, suspicious behaviour and unidentified/unfamiliar luggage lying around.
    • Avoiding leaving your luggage unattended when checking in or out.
  2. Legal liability for the hotel
    Financial liability for the hotel.
    • Negative publicity for the hotel.
    • Loss of income for the hotel.
    • Hotel may lose its trading licence
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