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Europe, including the United Kingdom, has had a decline in the value of their currencies. Some economists have blamed it on Brexit* while others have blamed it on the influx of refugees into Europe. The drop in the value of the major currencies can impact negatively and positively on South Africans travelling to these countries.

  1. Name the TWO foreign currencies referred to in the extract above.
  2. Discuss, in a paragraph, THREE ways in which a drop in the exchange rate of the currencies mentioned in QUESTION 1 will have a positive impact on South Africans visiting Europe.
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  1. Euro/ €
    British Pound/ £
    • Great British Pound
    • Pound Sterling
  2. The South Africans will receive more value for money.
    It will give the South Africans greater buying/spending power. 
    They can afford to stay longer/repeat visits at the destination and visit more attractions/activities.
    • Europe can become a value for money destination
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