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Importance of human rights  input by  the business to promote  human rights
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- Diversity refers to the variety of people employed based on age/race/ gender/ethnic groups/people with disabilities/material wealth/ personalities/ how employees see themselves and others.
 - People are important within the business environment.
- Businesses need to uphold the key human rights listed in the Constitution.
- Businesses must consider the impact of their actions on the environment.
- The protection of human health from the harmful effects of an unsuitable environment is one of the fundamental human rights contained in the Bill of Rights.
- Businesses should put systems in place to support human rights, inclusivity and environmental issues.


Human rights in the workplace
- Privacy
• CTL may not violate the rights of the employees and clients.
• They should not provide personal information about employees to anyone else.
• Information on employees who have disclosed their HIV/Aids status or any chronic illness√ must be kept confidential.
• It is illegal to read other people's emails/record conversations unless stated clearly and upfront.

- Respect/Dignity
• CTL must treat all employees with respect/dignity√ regardless of their socio-economic status.
• They should not force workers√ to do embarrassing or degrading work.

- Equity
• CTL must give equal opportunities/not discriminate against their employees on the basis of gender/race/religion/sexual orientation, etc. • Equal pay for work of equal value.
• They should apply relevant legislation fairly on all levels.
• Managers should ensure that no employee suffers because of discrimination.

- Freedom of speech and expression
• CTL should allow open communication channels between management and employees.
• They should give employees a platform to raise their grievance without any victimisation.
• An employee should not be punished/discriminated against for voicing their opinion.

- Information
• Workers should have access to information, including all information held by the government, e.g. policies/work schedules/employment contracts/ labour laws such as BCEA/EEA/SDA, etc.
• CTL needs to be transparent in their financial statements/Employees may request to see these statements with motivation.
• Employees should be updated√ as new information becomes available.

>Positive impact/benefits of a diverse workforce
- Workforce diversity improves the ability of a business to solve problems/ innovate/cultivate diverse markets
- Employees value each other's diversity and learn to connect and communicate across lines of difference.
- Diversity in the workforce improves morale and motivation.
- Employees demonstrate greater loyalty to the business√ because they feel respected/accepted/understood.
- A diversified workforce can give businesses a competitive advantage as they can render better services.
- Being respectful of differences/demonstrating diversity makes good business sense/improves profitability.
- Diverse businesses ensure that its policies/practices empower every employee to perform at his/her full potential.
- Customers increasingly evaluate businesses on how they manage diversity in the workplace.
- Employees from different backgrounds can bring different perspectives to the business.
- A diversified workforce stimulates debate on new and improved ways of getting things done
- Employees represent various groups and are therefore better able to recognise customer needs/satisfy consumers.
- Businesses with a diverse workforce are more likely to have a good public image√ and attract more customers.

>Dealing with gender and poverty in the workplace  Gender
- CTL should employ both males and females.
- Males and females are entitled to equal treatment in the workplace.
- CTL directors should promote both men and women.
- The Employment Equity Act forbids gender discrimination and states that men and women should receive equal treatment/have access to equal opportunities in the workplace.
- BBBEE promotes the economic empowerment of women.
- Promotion should be based on skills and ability.
- Introduce affirmative action by offering female employees a fair chance in the workplace with regard to remuneration/promotion/other employment opportunities.
- Effectively deal with sexual harassment incidences

- CTL should employ people from different socio-economic backgrounds/ status.
- Give previously disadvantaged individuals a chance to be educated by incorporating Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) into training programmes of the business.
- Train all employees so that they can be able to deal with retrenchment.
- Reward employees for services well-rendered.
- Ensure that the prices of products are affordable for the identified consumer market.
- Sponsor learnerships for unemployed people/use grants received from SETAs to train more unemployed people from local communities.
- Train some unemployed people from local communities as part of a business's CSI projects.
- Offer subsidised meals/canteen facilities on the premises.
- Supply free uniforms to employees for safety purposes.

>Ways to protect the environment and promote human health
-Laws and regulations should be adhered to so that profits are not generated at the expense of the environment.
- Pollution and other environmental issues should always be considered in all business activities, e.g. safe disposal of waste/dumping of toxic waste, etc.
- Become involved in environmental awareness programs.
- The environment can be protected by altering production techniques in favour of cleaner and greener technologies.
- Water for human consumption should be tested before it is used.
- Promote nature conservation by looking after natural resources.
- Minimise pollution, by re-using, reducing and recycling.
- Reduce consumption of goods/services which are environmentally unfriendly.
- Register/Engage with recognised institutions/bodies that promote green  peace.
- Physical working conditions should always be worker friendly, safe and promote occupational health.
- Physical working conditions, e.g. adequate lighting/ventilation should be available and functional.
- Machines must be serviced/maintained regularly.
- Educate people about hygiene issues.
- Encourage employees to do regular health checks.

 - Businesses should effectively deal with diversity to avoid bias/racism/ stereotypes in the workplace.
- Businesses can achieve inclusivity by promoting equality, respect and dignity in the workplace.
- Businesses should assess, control and address all the physical, chemical and biological factors in the environment.
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