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  •  National Skills Development Strategy
  •  Human Resources Development Strategy. 

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  1. Encourages good quality training in the workplace to ensure on-going development of skills.
  2. Provides for the participation of government, organised business and labour.
  3. Improves social development through economic development.
  4. Indicates how Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) should use the money allocated from the Skills Development Levy.
  5. Improves access to training programmes.
  6. Provides career/vocational guidance/ training centres.

  1. Addresses skills shortages in the South African workforce.
  2. Aims at achieving faster economic growth/ higher employment levels and reduced levels of poverty.
  3. Promotes social development and social justice which helps to alleviate poverty.
  4. Develops short term and long term workforce skills.
  5. Improves the supply of skills.
  6. Increases employee participation in lifelong learning.
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