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The management of Sipho Traders recently appointed Kobie as their marketing manager. The business is supposed to orientate and place Kobie accordingly. Kobie expects Sipho Traders to develop his managerial skills. 

  1. Advise Sipho Traders on the placement procedure they should follow.   
  2. Discuss the implications of the Skills Development Act (SDA), 1998 (Act 97 of 1998) on the human resources function.
  3. Recommend SIX aspects that must be included in Kobie's employment contract
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  • Induction is the process of introducing new employees to a business/work environment.
  •  A good induction programme will enable the new employee to settle in quickly.
  • Businesses should ensure that induction is done before the employee starts in his/her new position.
  • Placement is the process of assigning employees in/to a vacant position where they will function optimally.
  • All training programmes should be conducted within the framework of the Skills Development Act to develop the skills of the employees.
  • Employers and employees should adhere to the terms and conditions of the employment contract. 
Purpose of induction/Content of an induction programme (BODY)

 Purpose of induction 
  • Introduce new employees to management/colleagues to establish relationships with fellow colleagues at different levels.
  • Create opportunities for new employees to experience/explore different departments.
  • Explain safety regulations and rules, so that new employees will understand their role/responsibilities in this regard.
  • Communicate information about the products/services of Sipho Traders.
  • Allow new employees the opportunity to ask questions that will put them at ease/reduce insecurity/anxiety/fear.
  • Make new employees feel welcome by introducing them to their physical work space.
  • Give new employees a tour/information√ about the layout of the building/office.
  • Improve skills√ through in-service training.
  • Familiarise new employees with the organisational structure/their supervisors.
  • Ensure that employees understand their roles/responsibilities so that they will be more efficient/productive.
  • Communicate business policies regarding ethical/professional conduct/procedures/employment contract/conditions of employment, etc.

 Aspects to be included in an induction program 
  • Safety regulations and rules.
  • Overview of the business.
  • Information about the business products/services.
  • Meeting with senior management who will explain the company's vision/values/job descriptions/daily tasks.
  • Tour of the premises.
  • Introduction to key people and immediate colleagues.
  • Conditions of employment, e.g. working hours/leave application process/ disciplinary procedures, etc.
  • Administration details on systems/processes/logistics.
  • Discussion of the employment contract and conditions of service.
  • Discussion on personnel policies, e.g. making private phone calls/using the internet, etc.
  • Discussion on employee benefits.
  • Corporate social responsibility programmes.
Placement procedure 
  • Sipho Traders should outline specific responsibilities/expectations of Kobie's new position.
  • Determine the employee's strengths/weaknesses/skills/ interests by subjecting him to various psychometric tests.
  • Sipho Traders should determine the relationship/similarities between the expectations of the position and the competencies of Kobie

Implication of the Skills Development Act (SDA) on the Human Resources function
  • The human resources function should interpret the aims and requirements of the SDA and adapt workplace skills training programmes accordingly.
  • Identify the training needs of the employees and provide them with training opportunities so that they will perform their tasks efficiently.
  • Use the National Qualification Framework/NQF to assess the skills levels of employees.
  • Interpret/Implement the aims/requirements of the framework for the National Skills Development Strategy.
  • Assist managers in identifying skills/training needs to help them to introduce learnerships.
  • Sipho Traders should contribute 1% of their salary bill to the Skills Development Levy/SDL.
  • Ensure training in the workplace is formalised /structured.
  • Appoint a full/part time consultant as a Skills Development Facilitator.

Aspects to be included in the employment contract
  • Personal details of the employee.
  •  Details of the business/employer e.g. name/addres, etc.
  • Job title/Position.
  • Job description.
  • Job specification.
  • Date of employment/commencement of employment.
  • Place where employee will spend most of his/her working time.
  • Hours of work, e.g. normal time/overtime.
  • Remuneration, e.g. weekly or monthly pay.
  • Benefits/Fringe benefits/Perks/Allowances.
  • Leave, e.g. sick/maternity/annual/adoption leave.
  • Employee deductions (compulsory/non-compulsory).
  • Period of contract/Details of termination.
  • Probation period.
  • ignatures of both the employer and employee.
  •  List of documents that form part of the contract, e.g. appointment letter/code of conduct/ethics.
  • Disciplinary policy, e.g. rules and disciplinary procedure for unacceptable behaviour.

  • Employees are one of the most important resources in any business, therefore their success should be guaranteed by an effective induction programme.
  • Effective placement procedures will ensure that skilled and competent employees are retained.
  • The human resources function has to co-ordinate and facilitate skills development in the workplace to ensure a competent staff.
  • It is important that the employer and employees sign the employment contracts.

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