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Mr Mhazi is the newly appointed financial manager at Tom Flooring. His employment contract only bears his signature. The contract states that he may be required to work 12 hours overtime per week. He is expected to perform other duties which are not listed in his contract.

Question: Outline any TWO other legal requirements of the employment contract.

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Other legal requirements of the employment contract

  • The employment contract is a legally binding document even though certain aspects of the contract are negotiable.
  • Neither Mr Mhazi/employee nor TF/employer may unilaterally change aspects of the employment contract.
  • TF/Employer must explain the terms and conditions of the employment contract to Mr Mhazi/employee, if deemed necessary.
  •  Employers must allow employees to read through the conditions of service and code of conduct before they sign the contract.
  • Mr Mhazi may also consult legal experts to help him understand the terms and conditions of the contract.
  • Both parties involved must have contractual capacity.
  • It should include a code of conduct and/or a code of ethics for employees.
  • Specific details of the remuneration package should be clearly explained to employees/stipulated in the contract.
  • It must stipulate what employees would receive in terms of benefits and labour legislation.
  • All business policies/procedures/disciplinary codes should form part of the employment contract.
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