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Name 5 Human Rights you apply in the workplace

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Human Rights you apply in the workplace

  1. To Privacy
  2. Respect/Dignity
  3. To Equity
  4. Freedom of speech and expression
  5. Information
  6. Freedom of association
  7. Free choice of a trade/occupation/profession
  8. Labour rights/Freedom of assembly/Right to protest
  9. Freedom of thought and religion
  10. Health care/food/water and social assistance
  11. Fair labour practices
  12. Access to Labour Court/institutions
  13. Education and training/universal right to basic education
  14. Safety/Security and Protection/Life
  15. Freedom of slavery, servitude or forced labour
  16. To Vote
  17. Freedom of movement
  18. Children's rights
  19. Freedom to choose your own language/participate in own cultural life
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