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Suggest ONE strategy to address each issue.
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Unique South African workplace diversity issues.

1. Poverty:

  • Supply free uniforms/working clothes.
  • Provide low priced meals at canteens.
  • Offer training to improve skills for better positions in the business.

2. Inequality:

  • Implement equal opportunity policies when appointing new staff.
  • Equal opportunities should be considered when promoting staff.
  • Implement an Employment Equity Plan for the business.

3. Race:

  • Implement affirmative action policies as required by law.
  • No discrimination should be made based on skin colour.

4. Gender:

  • Male and female workers should be paid the same salary/wage for equal work performed.
  • All posts should be accessible to male and female workers.
  • Targets may be set for gender employment.

5. Language:

  • Workplace policies should be prepared in more than one language so that it can be understood by all workers.
  • No worker should feel excluded in meetings conducted in one language only.

6. Age:

  • The ages of permanent workers should vary from 18 to 65 to include all age groups.
  • Promotions should not be linked to a certain age group.

7. Disability:

  • Provide easy access to the building/offices for workers in wheelchairs.
  • Ensure that workers with special needs are not marginalised/feel excluded from workplace activities.

8. Culture:

  • Be sensitive to special requirement for different cultural groups, e.g. allow day(s) off for cultural holiday/festivals.
  • Cater for special food/preparation methods in the workers' canteen.

by Master (866k points)
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