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Selection procedure/steps

  • Determine fair assessment criteria on which selection will be based.
  • Use the assessment criteria to assess all CV's/application forms received during recruitment/Preliminary screening is done by sorting the applications received according to the criteria for the job.
  • Check that applicants are not submitting false documents such as forged certificates/degrees. 
  • Make a preliminary list of all applicants who qualify for the post.
  • Screen and check references, e.g. check applicants' criminal records/credit history/social media, etc.
  • Conduct preliminary interviews to identify suitable applicants.
  • Inform all applicants about the outcome of the application.
  • Compile a shortlist of approximately five people.
  • Invite the shortlisted applicants/candidates for an interview.
  • Shortlisted candidates may be subjected to various types of selection tests, e.g. skills test.
  • A written offer is made to the chosen candidate.
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Or Option 2
Receive documentation, e.g. application forms and sort it according to the criteria of the job.
Evaluate CVs and create a shortlist/Screen the applicants.
Check information in the CVs and contact references.
Conduct preliminary sifting interviews to identify applicants who are not suitable for the job, although they meet all requirements.
Assess/Test candidates who have applied for senior positions/to ensure the best candidate is chosen.
Conduct interviews with shortlisted candidates.
Offer employment in writing to the selected candidate(s).
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