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  1. Define the term drainage density.
  2. Which ONE of the drainage basins, A or B, shows the drainage density during the dry season and rainy season respectively?
  3. Explain why the drainage density of the drainage basins changes during the course of the year.
  4. The change in drainage density changes the stream order of the drainage basin over the course of a year. In a paragraph of approximately EIGHT lines, explain why this is the case.
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  1. The ratio between the total length of all the streams in a river system and the area of the drainage basin that it drains
  2. A:  Dry season
    B:  Rainy season
  3. In the wet season drainage density will be high due to high rainfall (often soil is saturated) and a high rate of run-off occurs In the dry season the drainage density will be low due to low rainfall and high rate of infiltration occurring


4. In the wet season there will be higher rainfall, which leads to higher volumes of water leading to more 1st and 2nd order streams/rivers. The area will have high rates of run-off, as soils will be saturated. This increases the drainage basin order. In the dry season there will be less run-off due to less rainfall. Less 1st and 2nd order streams will be found. The area will have higher levels of infiltration creating lower drainage densities. This decreases drainage basin order.

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