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  1. Language 
  2. Age 
  3. Disability
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1. Language: 

  • A business may specify that all communications must be in one specific  language only and would expect employees to have a certain level of fluency in  that language.
  • It may sometimes be necessary to employ an interpreter so that everyone can   fully understand what is being said in a meeting.
  • All business contracts should be in easy-to-understand language and should be  available in the language of choice for the parties signing.

2. Age:

  • Promotions should not be linked to age, but rather to specific skills set.
  • A business must not employ children aged 15 or younger.
  • The ages of permanent workers should vary from 18 to 65 to include all age  groups.
  • A business may employ a person who is older than the normal retirement age   provided that person is the most suitable candidate.
  • Businesses must encourage older employees to help young employees to   develop their potential.
  • Young employees must be advised to respect and learn from older  employees.
  • The business should encourage employees to be sensitive to different  perspectives of various age groups.

3. Disability:

  • Provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities.
  • Accommodate people with disabilities by providing facilities/ramps for wheel chairs etc.
  • Ensure that workers with special needs are not marginalised/feel excluded from workplace activities.
  • Business should be well informed with how to deal with disabled employees.
  • Policies and programs should accommodate the needs of people with disabilities. 
  • Create an organisational culture and climate that is conducive for people with  disabilities.
  • Employees should be trained to deal with colleagues with disability.
  • Bringing in external experts to help with disability and accommodation issues.
  • Ensure that employees with disabilities are treated fairly.
  • Focus on job skills/work performance of the disabled, rather than their disability/   possible problems they may pose in the future.
  • Any other relevant answer related to how businesses should address disability  as a diversity issue in the workplace.

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