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The Eiffel Tower is one of the most successful tourist attractions in France.
Paris has increased security around its most popular attractions following recent terrorist attacks in the city.
Currently the Eiffel Tower has metal barriers around its base as a security measure to prevent further terrorist attacks. The metal barriers do not look attractive in the photographs taken by tourists.
French authorities are planning to remove the metal barriers at the front of the Eiffel Tower and replace it with permanent bulletproof glass walls. The rest of the metal barriers will be replaced with more attractive fencing.

  1. Give ONE reason why the French authorities want to replace the existing metal barriers at the Eiffel Tower with bulletproof glass walls.
  2. Predict what could happen if management relaxes the existing safety measures at the Tower.
  3. Identify ONE other criterion that will ensure the continued success of the icon, apart from ensuring safety at the Eiffel Tower.

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  1. The bullet-proof glass will give better protection to tourists in the event of future terror attacks. 
    • To upgrade and improve safety at the attraction.
    • To get rid of the metal barriers that obscures the view of the tower to get better photo opportunities.
    • The tower is one of the iconic structures in France that attracts many tourists and needs extra protection.
    • For aesthetical (attractive) purposes
  2. The Eiffel Tower, being one of the most popular tourist attractions in Paris, could become the target for large-scale terror attacks with huge loss of life.
    • Destruction of an iconic structure symbolising engineering abilities of the time.
    • Fewer visitors to the attraction because tourists will not feel safe.
    • The absence of visible policing may increase criminal activities.
  3. The continuous international marketing of the icon.
    • General upkeep of the tower and the area around the tower.
    • Making the tower accessible to people with special needs (universal accessibility).
    • Allow opportunities for entrepreneurship around the tower.
    • Professional image of the staff.
    • The efficiency and ethical behaviour of the staff
    • Keeping the tower sustainable through good environmental management plans.
    • When visitors leave the tower with a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction.

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