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Keep the scenario on Company Ltd in mind and write an essay on TQM, covering the following aspects:
• Discuss the impact of the following elements of Total Quality Management (TQM) on Grand Cellular Ltd as a large business:
- Total client/customer satisfaction
- Continuous improvement of systems and processes
- Continuous skills development/education and training
• Explain the benefits company will gain by implementing a good quality management system.
• Suggest FIVE ways in which the quality of performance of the marketing function can contribute to the success of Company Ltd.

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Total client/customer satisfaction: Positives/Advantages
- Large businesses use market research/customer surveys to measure/ monitor customer satisfaction/analyse customers' needs.
- Continuously promote a positive company image.
- May achieve a state of total customer satisfaction, if businesses follow sound business practices that incorporate all stakeholders.
- Strive to understand and fulfil customer expectations by aligning cross-functional teams across critical processes.
- Ensures that cross-functional teams understand its core competencies and develop/strengthen it.
- May lead to higher customer retention/loyalty√ and businesses may be able to charge higher prices.
- Businesses may be able to gain access to the global market.
- May lead to increased competitiveness/profitability.
- Any other relevant answer related to the positives/advantages of total client/customer satisfaction.

Continuous improvements to systems and processes: Positives/Advantages.
  • Large businesses have more resources to check on quality performance in each unit.
  • Enough capital resources are available for new equipment required for systems and processes.
  • Large businesses have a person dedicated to the improvement of systems and processes.
  • Willing to take risk on/try new processes and systems√ because they are able to absorb the impact of losing money.
  • They can afford to use the services of the quality circles to stay ahead of their competitors.
  • Any other relevant answer related to the positives/advantages of continuous improvement to systems and processes.

Continuous skills development/Education and Training: Positives/Advantages

  • Large businesses have a human resources department dedicated to skills training and development.
  • Human resources experts
    ensure that training programmes are relevant to increased customer satisfaction.
  • Ability to afford specialised/skilled employees.
  • May be able to conduct skills audits to establish the competency/ education levels of staff performing work which could affect the quality of products/processes.
  • May be able to hire qualified trainers to train employees on a regular basis.
  • Any other relevant answer related to the positives/advantages of continuous skills development.

Benefits to GC of a good quality management system

  • Effective customer services are rendered, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.
  • Time and resources are used efficiently.
  • Productivity increase through proper time management/using high quality resources.
  • Products and services are constantly improved resulting in increased levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Vision/Mission/Business goals may be achieved.
  • Business has a competitive advantage over its competitors.
  • Regular training will continuously improve the quality of employees' skills and knowledge.
  • Employers and employees will have a healthy working relationship resulting in happy/productive workers.
  • Increased market share√ and profitability.
  • Any other relevant answer related to the benefits of a good quality management system.

Contribution of quality of performance of the marketing function to the success of company

  • Acquire a greater market share through good customer service.
  • Win customers loyalty by satisfying their needs/wants and building positive relationships.
  • Adhere to ethical advertising practices when promoting products/services.
  • Identify competitive edge by conducting regular market research.
  • Differentiate products to increase the target market and profitability.
  • Constant review of value issues.
  • Communicate effectively with customers to get feedback about their experiences of the products and services sold.
  • Co-ordinate distribution with the production/advertising strategies.
  • Use pricing techniques to ensure a competitive advantage.
    -Measure the gaps between customer expectations and their actual experiences so that problems regarding quality of products/services can be diagnosed and addressed.
  • Make adjustments and changes to products/services based on feedback received from customers.
  • Use aggressive advertising campaigns to sustain the market share.


-Although quality is important in both small and large businesses, large businesses are more likely to have a formal quality control/management systems that functions well.
- It is important that large businesses have proper systems for managing quality, e.g. TQM, quality circles, etc.
- Any other relevant conclusion related to total quality management, quality circles and marketing function.

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