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Definition of Marketing:

Marketing refers to the activities that involves getting the right product to the right place, at the right price and advertising it in the best possible manner in order to satisfy the needs of consumers

Quality of performance:

Marketing the product at a price that will attract the customers. e.g. utility value
Continually changing the nature of the product, e.g. to satisfy the needs of consumers based on feedback.
Marketing in such a manner so as to obtain a greater share of the market, e.g. branding.
Advertising of the products must be in line with ethical advertising practices, e.g. don't advertise second hand goods as new.


The goals or objectives of the business are achieved through shared commitment and accountability by all team members.
The time required to perform a job may be reduced.
Team members with different experience and necessary skills can enhance creativity.
Costs are reduced because decisions can be made faster.
Teamwork improves motivation of employees.

Disagree Justification.

Team members may not share the same commitment towards the company hence poor team performance.
Team members may not be adequately trained and experienced for the task.
Team members may not perform the task effectively based on negative attitudes.
Lack of trust amongst team members.

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