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  1. General management 
  2. Purchasing function 

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Business functions  

Quality indicators for the general management function

  • Develop/Implement/Monitor effective strategic plans.
  • Efficient organisation/allocation of business resources to provide for the successful achievement of long-term and short-term plans.
  • Structured standards/norms are in place to implement control mechanisms.
  • Continuously aware of/Understand changes in the business environment.
  • Establishes priorities to give clear direction.
  • Shared vision, mission and values are communicated effectively.
  • The general management sets an example of the behaviour that is expected from employees in terms of ethics as well as productivity.
  • Employees have the necessary resources needed to do their work/Effective allocation of resources.
  • The business is proactive and always seeks to improve competitive advantage over competitors.
  • Ensure that all departments/the business meet their deadlines/targets.
  • Management must plan/organise/control/lead effectively. 

Quality indicators for purchasing function 

  • Buying raw materials in bulk at lower prices.
  • Required quantities are delivered at the right time and place.
  • electing reliable suppliers that render the best quality raw materials/capital goods at reasonable prices.
  • Placing orders timeously and ensuring regular follow-ups so that goods are delivered on time.
  • Effective co-ordination between purchasing and production departments so that purchasing staff understand the requirements of the production process.
  • Implementing and maintaining stock control systems to ensure the security of stock.
  •  Maintaining optimum stock levels to avoid overstocking/reduce out-dated stock.
  • Monitoring/Reporting on minimum stock levels to avoid stock-outs.
  • Effective use of storage space/Maintain product quality while in storage.
  • Involving suppliers in strategic planning/product design/material selection/quality control process.
  • Ensuring that there is no break in production due to stock shortages.
  • Establishing relationships with suppliers so that they are in alignment with the business's vision/mission/values.
  • Having a thorough understanding of supply chain management.
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