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Tommy Ltd is a newly established company rendering general cleaning services to large office blocks. CTL wants to develop business policies that address human rights, inclusivity and environmental issues in the workplace.

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Hello. Positive impact/benefits of a diverse workforce

> Workforce diversity improves the ability of a business to solve problems/ innovate/cultivate diverse markets.
> Employees value each other's diversity and learn to connect and communicate across lines of difference.
> Diversity in the workforce improves morale and motivation.
> Employees demonstrate greater loyalty to the business because they feel respected/accepted/understood.
> A diversified workforce can give businesses a competitive advantage as they can render better services.
> Being respectful of differences/demonstrating diversity makes good business sense/improves profitability.
> Diverse businesses ensure that its policies/practices empower every employee to perform at his/her full potential.
> Customers increasingly evaluate businesses on how they manage diversity in the workplace.
> Employees from different backgrounds can bring different perspectives to the business.
> A diversified workforce stimulates debate on new and improved ways of getting things done.
> Employees represent various groups and are therefore better able to recognise customer needs/satisfy consumers.
> Businesses with a diverse workforce are more likely to have a good public imagev and attract more customers.
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