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Role of SETAs 

  • Develop skills plans in line with the National Skills Development Strategy.
  • ¬†Draw up skills development plans for their specific economic sectors.
  • Approve workplace skills plans and annual training reports.
  • Allocate grants to employers, education and training providers.
  • Pay out grants to companies that are complying with the requirements of the Skills Development Act.
  • Monitor/Evaluate the actual training by service providers.
  • Promote and establishes learnerships.
  • Register learnership agreements/learning programmes.
  • Provide training material/programmes for skills development facilitators.
  • Provide accreditation for skills development facilitators.
  • Oversee training in different sectors of the South African economy.
  • Promote learnerships and learning programmes by identifying suitable workplaces for practical work experience.
  • Collect levies and pays out grants as required.
  • Report to the Director General.
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