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The implications of 'use by' on pre-packed food labels for the consumer.

  • 'Use by' indicates that the product is not marketable/cannot be sold after this date.
  • It appears on perishable products, e.g. milk/meat/fish
  • 'Use by' shows the period for which the product will be of good quality and safe to eat.
  • The consumer may get sick/food poisoning if the product is eaten after this date.
  • The consumer must choose products with a 'use by' date that is far ahead of the purchase date as the product may be used earlier/the consumer must read labels when shopping for food products to check how near  the 'use by' date isto the date of purchase.
  • A 'use by' date that is close means that the product must be used within a short time.
  • Bulk buying of products should not be done when the 'use by' date is close if proper storage facilities are not available.
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