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Employees' well-being.

  • Pay fair wage/salary to the workers based on the nature of work involved and the prevailing economic conditions in the market.
  • The working conditions must not only consider safety, medical and canteen facilities but also benefits like housing, leave and retirement etc.
  • Give fair bonuses based on the business earnings.
  • Allows for employees' participation in decision making.
  • Provide recreational facilities for employees.
  • Offer their employees a physical assessment by a medical doctor/practitioner once a year.
  • Offer trauma debriefing/counselling or assistance to any employee who requires these services.
  • Give financial assistance in the case of any hardship caused by unexpected costs, e.g. unforeseen medical costs.
  • Offer flexible working hours to enhance productivity.
  • Organise support programmes for employees infected and affected by HIV/Aids.
  • Offer childcare facilities at its premises.
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