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Advantages of monitoring and evaluating quality processes as a TQM element

  • Prevents product defects and minimises wastage/customer complaints.
  • Good quality checks/procedures minimises the replacement/breakdown of equipment/machinery on a regular basis.
  • May be equipped to get things done right the first time.
  • Improve performance and maintain high quality standards.
  • Improve current and future management of quality outputs/outcomes/impact.
  • Provide clear indication about quality aspects that are contributing to the achievement of goals/targets.
  • Modify interventions that may improve the efficient use of resources.
  • Support management to acquire information needed to make informed decision about processes.
  • Cost of production is reduced as deviations from set standards can be corrected.
  • Strategies are revised in order to improve the quality of the product and services/business image.
  • Allows for quality control checks and procedures at key points.
  • Key performance indicators are carefully selected to monitor and evaluate the outcome.
  • Benchmarking is used to find best practices in order to determine the competitive position of the business.
  • Quality circles meet on regular basis to evaluate the progress in terms of quality.
  • Continuous research is conducted on latest developments to ensure that TQM planning is up to date.
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