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The Functions of the JSE: 

  • Gives opportunities to financial institutions such as insurance companies to invest their funds in shares.
  • Serves as a barometer/indicator of economic conditions in South Africa.
  •  Keeps investors informed on share prices by publishing the share prices  daily.
  • Acts as a link between investors and public companies.
  • Shares are valued and assessed by experts.
  • Small investors are invited to take part in the economy of the country through the buying of shares.
  • Venture capital market is made possible.
  • Orderly market for securities serves as a disciplined market for securities.
  • Encourages new investments.
  • Mobilises the funds of insurance companies and other institutions.
  • Raises  primary capital.
  • Regulates market for dealing with shares.
  • Plans, researches and advises on investment possibilities.
  • Ensures that the market operates in a transparent manner.
  • Provides protection for investors.
  • Encourages short-term investment.
  • Facilitates electronic trading of shares/STRATE.
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