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Impact of Delphi technique


  • Business may use a group of experts without bringing them together.
  • The experts will give the business clear ideas/solutions on how to improve on productivity/profitability.
  • Information received from experts can be used to solve complex business problems.
  • Experts may give honest/credible opinions as they do not have a direct/personal interest in the business.
  • Conflict may be avoided especially if all employees are knowledgeable and well qualified.
  • Dominating employees may not take over the process as they do not form part of the problem solving process.
  • It reduces noise levels in an office environment since there is no group discussion.
  • It is an expensive technique to use due to high administrative costs.
  • May be time consuming/complicated to analyse data received from experts.
  • Not all experts are willing/interested to give feedback/complete questionnaires.
  • Some experts might not have an in-depth knowledge of certain topics.
  • Experts' suggestions may not be considered by some employees so consensus may not be reached.
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