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Stages of team development:

1. Forming stage:

  • Individuals gather information and impressions about each other and the scope of the task and how to approach it
  • This is a comfortable stage to be in.
  • People focus on being busy with routines, such as team organisation e.g. who does what, when to meet each other, etc

2. Storming stage:

  • Teams go through a period of unease/conflict after formation.
  • Different ideas from team members will compete for consideration.
  • Team members open up to each other and confront each other's ideas/  perspectives.
  • Tension/struggle/arguments occur and upset the team members/there may be power struggles for the position of team leader.
  • In some instances storming can be resolved quickly, in others, the team never leaves this stage.
  • Many teams fail during this stage as they are not focused on their task.
  • This phase can become destructive for the team/will lower motivation if allowed to get out of control.
  • This stage is necessary/important for the growth of the team.
  • Some team members tolerate each other to survive this stage

3. Norming stage/Settling and reconciliation:

  • Team members form agreement and consensus.
  • Roles and responsibilities are clear and accepted.
  • Processes, working style and respect develops.
  • Team members have the ambition to work for the success of the team's goals.
  • Conflict may occur, but commitment and unity are strong.

4. Performing stage/Working as a team towards a goal:

  • Team members are aware of strategies and aims of the team.
  • They have direction without interference from the leader.
  • Processes and structures are set.
  • Leaders delegate and oversee the processes and procedures.
  • All members are now competent, autonomous and able to handle the decision-making process without supervision.
  • Differences among members are appreciated and used to enhance the  team's performance.

5. Adjourning/Mourning stage:

  • The focus is on the completion of the task/ending the project.
  • Breaking up the team may be traumatic as team members may find it difficult to perform as individuals once again.
  • All tasks need to be completed before the team finally dissolves.

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