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Advantages of creative thinking in the workplace

  1. Better/Unique/Unconventional ideas/solutions are generated.
  2. May give the business a competitive advantage if unusual/unique solutions/ ideas/strategies are implemented.
  3. Complex business problems√ may be solved.
  4. Productivity increases√ as management/employees may quickly generate multiple ideas which utilises time and money more effectively.
  5. Managers/Employees have more confidence as they can live up to their full potential.
  6. Managers will be better leaders as they will be able to handle/manage change(s) positively and creatively.
  7. Managers/Employees can develop a completely new outlook, which may be applied to any task(s) they may do.
  8. Leads to more positive attitudes as managers/employees feel that they have contributed towards problem solving.
  9. Improves motivation amongst staff members.
  10. Managers/Employees have a feeling of great accomplishment and they will not resist/obstruct the process once they solved a problem/contributed towards the success of the business.
  11. Management/employees may keep up with fast changing technology.
  12. Stimulates initiative from employees/managers, as they are continuously pushed out of their comfort zone.
  13. Creativity may lead to new inventions which improves the general standard of living.
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