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Impact of continuous improvement to processes and systems on large businesses


  1. SLL have more resources√ to check on quality performance in each unit.
  2. Enough capital resources are available for new equipment required for processes and systems.
  3. SLL have a person dedicated√ to the improvement of processes and systems.
  4. Willing to take risk on/try new processes and systems because they are able to absorb the impact of losing money.
  5. They can afford to use the services of the quality circles√ to stay ahead of their competitors.


  1. Large scale manufacturing√ can complicate quality control.
  2. Systems and processes take time and effort to implement in SLL as communication/buy-in may delay the process.
  3. Risk of changing parts of the business√ that are actually working well.
  4. Not all negative feedback from employees and customers is going to be accurate, which may result in incorrect/unnecessary changes to systems and processes.
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