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  1. Enterprise development  
  2. Management 
  3.  Preferential procurement   
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Ways in which to apply BBBEE pillars.

  1. Enterprise development 
    -> Businesses should invest in/support black owned SMME's.
    -> Contributions may be monetary/non-monetary.
    -> Monetary contributions could include offering SMME's interest-free loans/    investments/donations, etc.
    -> Non-monetary contributions could include consulting services/advice/      entrepreneurial programmes/scarce competencies/skills/expertise, etc.
    -> Encourage SMME's to use their own business initiatives and make it sustainable.
  2. Management
    -> Appoint black people in senior executive positions/management.
    -> Ensure black female representation in management.
    -> Implement transformation at all levels of management.
    -> Ensure that black people are involved in decision making processes.
  3. Preferential procurement 
    -> Outsource services to suppliers that are BBBEE compliant.
    -> Support suppliers with diversity in their ownership.
    -> Use suppliers who have a high BBBEE rating.
    -> Identify black owned suppliers that are able to supply goods and services.
    -> Develop business skills of small/black owned suppliers, e.g. sales, legal advice , etc.
    -> Support the cash flow of small suppliers by offering them preferential terms of    payment.
    -> Develop and implement a supplier development plan/supply chain
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