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Hope, a financial manager, has to present her financial report at the next management meeting. She intends to use electronic slides and will provide printed copies of the financial report.  

  1.  Identify TWO visual aids in the scenario above. 
  2. Choose ONE of the visual aids identified in QUESTION.1 and explain why it is effective. 
  3. Suggest factors that Hope should consider when presenting her report.  
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  1. Visual aids.
    Visual aids identified from the scenario. 
    Electronic slides/PowerPoint/Slide show.
    Printed copies/Hand-outs/Notes.
  2. Effectiveness/Advantages/Positives of ONE of the visual aids  
    OPTION 1 Electronic slides/PowerPoint/Slide Show

    - Graphic programmes have the capacity to convey ideas√ and support what the  presenter says.
    - Easy to combine with sound/video clips.
    - Simple/Less cluttered slides may capture the interest of the audience.
    - Video clips can provide variety and capture the attention of the audience.
    - Variation of colour/background/sound retains the interest of the audience throughout the presentation.
    -Slides should only be used where it can enhance the facts/summarise information.
    - It is cost effective, as printing costs are minimised.
    OPTION 2 Printed copies/Hand-outs/Notes
    - It can be handed out at the end of a presentation as a reminder of the key facts of the presentation.
    - Meaningful hand-outs may be handed out at the start of the presentation to attract attention. 
    - Extra/Useful information may be handed out, e.g. contact details/price lists/ feedback questionnaires/financial reports, etc.
    - Notes may be compared with the electronic slides/presentation to validate the accuracy of information. 
    - Detailed facts may be included in notes/printed copies for additional information. 

  3. Factors to be considered when presenting 
  • Establish credibility by introducing yourself at the start.
  •  Mention/Show most important information first.
  • Make the purpose/main points of the presentation clear at the start of the presentation.
  • Use suitable section titles/headings/sub-headings/bullets.
  • Summarise the main points of the presentation to conclude the presentation.
  • Stand in a good position/upright, where the audience can clearly see the presenter/presentation.
  • Avoid hiding behind equipment.
  • Do not ramble on at the start, to avoid losing the audience/their interest.
  • Capture listeners' attention/Involve the audience with a variety of methods, e.g. short video clips/sound effects/humour, etc.
  • Maintain eye contact with the audience.
  •  Be audible to all listeners/audience.
  • Vary the tone of voice/tempo within certain sections to prevent monotony.
  •  Make the presentation interesting with visual aids/anecdotes/examples/Use visual aids effectively.
  • Use appropriate gestures, e.g. use hands to emphasize points.
  • Speak with energy and enthusiasm.
  • Pace yourself/Do not rush or talk too slowly.
  • Keep the presentation short and simple.
  • Conclude/End with a strong/striking ending that will be remembered.
  • Ensure that the audience will leave with/take away specific information/benefits.
  • Include a statement/quote that will allow a graceful/striking ending. 
  • Manage time effectively to allow time for questions.
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