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MCC provide subsidised housing and accommodation for their employees. They encourage employees to stay fit and healthy by involving them in stress- reduction activities. 

  1. Quote TWO ways in which MCC contribute to the well-being of their employees.  
  2. Advise MCC on THREE other ways to contribute to the well-being of their employees. 
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Social responsibility

1. Ways of advancing the well-being of employees 

  • MCC provides subsidised housing to their employees.
  • Provides accommodation for their employees.
  • Encourages employees to stay fit and healthy by involving them in stress reduction activities.

2. Other ways of contributing to the well-being of the employees

  • MCC should improve the general quality of life of employees, e.g. pay fair wages/skills development
  • Start a nutritional programme so that employees may enjoy at least one meal per day to keep them healthy.
  • Allow staff to use some working time to get involved/participate in projects of their choice.**  - Provide transport to employees who work unusually long hours.
  •  Establish coaching/mentoring programmes for junior employees.
  • Conduct team-building sessions to improve employees' morale.
  • Encourage employees to attend capacity-building workshops/training/staff- development/team-development programmes.
  • Offer counselling sessions to employees with personal/emotional challenges.
  • Working conditions should include safety/medical/canteen facilities/benefits like leave, retirement, etc.
  • Pay fair bonuses based on the earnings/returns of the business.
  • Allow for employees' participation in decision making.
  • Provide recreational facilities for employees.
  • Make annual assessment by a medical doctor/practitioner available.
  • Offer financial support in the case of any hardship caused by unforeseen personal costs, e.g. medical costs.
  • Allow for flexible working hours to enhance productivity.
  • Offer support programmes to employees infected/affected by HIV/Aids.
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